I’m dating a BBW, nom it’s not a fetish

Often, human behaviour is understood in generalized patterns and within the confines of these patterns, objective findings are made. It’s accepted that coitus, as much as is pleasurable is merely a biological functioning embedded in humans to ensure the survival of our species. Within this accepted behavior, several patterns emerge - heterosexual/homosexual/sapiosexual etc. one which we find particularly interesting is the fetish associated with certain body types.

It’s no secret that BBW are a fetish for some people, who find it such a taboo to be with women considered ‘big’, so much so that it turns them on. Porn sites are rife with categories dedicated to this type of sexual interaction.

Our fascination as a collective with body types is an inexhaustible list of contradictions, possible to whittle down to likes and dislikes, pros and cons but have we considered the people behind these body types? The women behind the body and the men who fall in love with them? We invite you to consider the budding love story of this couple, Adelaide & Dan.

Dan was a sophomore in College when he met Adelaide. It was nothing short of a coincidence - they took a language course together and although they shared similar lecture schedules, they had never spoken a word to each other - not until then. Dan’s head hung low over a handout, unaware he was headed directly for the stub of an oak tree standing resolutely in place. Adelaide who had seen the trajectory, heaved off her bench to warn the young fellow. They shared a laugh, a start to something they both were ill-prepared for.

Adelaide was considered a BBW.

Months after their chance encounter, Dan realized he had more in common than he thought with ‘Laide’. He had a pet name for her already. By this time, they both went frequently on dates, spent time watching movies off campus, club hopping and play fighting when they could. Anyone looking from the outside-in could tell they were smitten, madly in love with each other. However if a mutual friend commented or inquired about the status of their relationship, Dan & Adelaide were quick to take offense and insist they were ‘just friends’.

Deep down, Dan felt immense shame of being identified with a BBW or remotely accused of having a fetish for BBW. His thoughts on the matter shamed him further. Laide was great company; funny, ballsy, irritating and when they had had sex eventually, ah-mazing! He enjoyed spending time with her but the thought of introducing her to family and friends was daunting, he was not ready yet. Laide on the other hand loved him very much. She did not want to loose him by pressuring him for any form of commitment, although she couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to have their relationship acknowledged by family and friends, to be able to do ‘normal couple’ stuff perhaps even go on double dates with friends.

The elephant in the room grew. The tension created friction and eventually the couple split.

Dan recalls this time in his life with half-regret, half-longing. He’s married now to a wife, size 14, not big enough to be categorized BBW. Reflecting on his relationship with Laide as he still calls her, he spoke candidly ‘At the time, I was young. I cared too much about what the world thought’ he added ‘My roommates, they’d tease me. They asked me how long it took to find it.

By all means he had never imagined himself attracted to a woman Laide’s size but then he fell in love with her mind and personality and the rest followed. ‘I must admit,’ he blushed, ‘the first time with her was pretty awkward. I was anxious because I had read all these stories and heard things. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get aroused and if I did, would I satisfy her?’ ‘I did fumble a bit.’ Dan explains that Laide guided his throbbing penis to her center with relative ease. We asked what his favorite thing was during sex.  ‘Quite frankly, burying my head in her enormous tits.’

‘What’s the one thing you regret?’

‘Not having the balls to call her my girlfriend. She was special.’