Does Too Much Choice Affect Our Chances in Internet Dating?

Most of the time, we believe that having many choices will get us to greater happiness. Besides the more the choices we have, the more we get close to what we really like, yes?That’s what we think. Barry Schwartz, a professor at Swarthmore College, opposes the notion.

He says too many choices make it harder to decide—and decide well—and that the more options you have, the less happy you will be, as mindbodygreen.com reports. Schwartz is known for the phrase "paradox of choice".

Having a lot of choices comes along with a lot of confusion. Being given just one choice makes you focus all of your intelligence on just the one choice.

It all comes down to the question, do we end up less happy in our relationships due to the fact that we have other choices?

One of the greatest benefitsof online dating is that it represents the opening up of several new possibilities. We are presented with many choices.With the help of the internet, you get to know millions of people from different backgroundsandcultures.

For some people, this feels like a lot of work. Others see it as more chances to have fun.They see it as though if they mess up a relationship, they can start up another one since there are lots of profiles available online.However, as Barry Schwartz says, choiceoverload can be a nightmare, because sometimes, one is tempted to maximize the choices, thereby spending too much time contemplating every choice.

These are a few ways to narrow down your choices in online dating.

1. Online dating sites let you narrow the field in advance

If you know what you want, you can tone down you search. You can select only some specific criteria by filtering your search. Set your searching criteria – your values, interests, age or descriptions. You will get very fewer choices this way. There are sites like helahel.com that have a sections based on religion, education, fantasy you could focus onjust one section to choose from. There are sites which are also set up to just cater to specific people. For instance, there are Islamic matrimonial dating websites that focuses on finding you that lifelong partner for no cost.

So, fill out a profile, browse for matches, and communicate with those who are like-minded.

2. It is always on your terms

Online dating gives you the opportunity to share information about yourself. Do not engage people you don’t find interesting. Relax, you are in control.

3. Just say no

It is so much easier to say no on the internet. People sometimes feel uneasy saying no to people in real life. This unease is hardly present on the internet, so it does not matter if you already started talking to someone, the moment you feel it is not going to be worth your time, just say no and save yourself some time.